Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Thought of starting a blog someday but never got the time.

I'm off today but need to settled the unfinished work task. I'm "time poor"...

The main reason for me to start blogging is to share my passion on drifting generally and RC Drift counter steering specifically. Lots of hours spent on the countersteering reference, mods and practising making me realised on one thing. I'm overdosed to going sideways..... :)

Next 2nd &3rd July,i'll enter Superautomix at Bukit Jalil RC Drift event and i'm aiming high.

Just bought a HPI TC-D last 19th June and set it up to my liking till today.

This is my 3rd Chassis and i love it!


(1st Cyclone TC, 2nd Schumacher Mi3.5 pro and now TC-D)

Let me end this very first post with a simple write up... i want to do this frequently isn't it?