Monday, April 23, 2012

Alimia Mia Engines Works

I considered Alimia Mia as Malaysia's best for RC Engines replica. Find him on facebook and be friends!

Failed 2WD RWD steering

Errr... Are you sure bro?

Team Malaysia at TDC 2012

Rusted AE86

Should I go for Wonder kits?

the best iPhone 4S case cover 2012

I wanted either one of these so bad!

Its real titanium sheets at the back by Mas Design

or this uber expensive element R8 PRO
Or leave it naked and have more money!


Sad to know that the forum had been closed. I feel guilty for it as I was not active in it... So as other seniors of RC Drifting in Malaysia. I dont like it as much as the ol time. Sometimes people just updating craps!

Some tenured Drifters went to try another RC scales, some competing internationally, some had improved a lot and some still the same. Some quits. Well... I am here to stay, drifting when I can and i'm learning a lot! Recently change my driving style and it works! I'm happy with RC Drifting and I dont care about others.

Funny things in 2012:

  • RC Drift champions UNDERSTEER a lot in recent event! - Oh car got problem (not CS too low :P)
  • RC Drift champion use SMALLEST bodyshell hopefully to win easier? - and still lose
  • RC Drift champion always pull DIRTY TRICKS DRIVING tricks to win? - and still everyone saw!
  • Some BEGINNERS actually drive better than the "pro" out there
  • People started to believe in Hobbywing and Maxpower batteries. Last time, no one, no shops supported us. :P

Monday, April 9, 2012

DFD 10T Custom CS pulley

2 more left! Black Anodized!
RM115 with FREE D.F.D stickers and FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia!

Price change depending on the customizing cost later. Hope to be cheaper to my customer.

My D-Like Re-R current setup:
F 40t-10t = 4.00
R 32t-15 = 2.13
CS = 1.88

Hobbywing Xerun V3 competition ESC Drift Setup

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was bored. Last Wednesday I tried to do a lot of things and smile. Play with different CS ratios up to 2.67, tried different tires, ESC profiles, Use back my Keyence Luxon KG 8.5T, experimenting with rear wheel drive.    Learnt a lot when you do random & stupid things... I think i got some ideas on it.


  1. Will change my driving style to compete in events
  2. Lesser setup changes, 
  3. Stick to LRP ESC, 
  4. Utilise and change my Keyence 8.5T motor rotor & buy one more Keyence XXX t motor 
  5. Will not help anyone to buy online items anymore.
  6. Updating "About Me" and all my details in D1-10rc and removing certain info