Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Limited Sale: Yokomo DPM Alluminium Steering Set D-126.JPG

DPM Limited item just arrived :)

Yokomo DPM Alluminium Steering Set D-126

 Retail rm239.90. Our price rm225 postage excluded.

Call 0163310258 :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Overdose for Yokomo Drift package Aluminum Rear gear case mount

It is an aluminium gear case mount for Yokomo Drift Package.
Securely fixed to each bracket and brace made ​​of aluminium by a high rigidity against a pure resin, you can dramatically improve the rigidity of the chassis.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Yokomo DPM in Malaysia

Highlights Oct 2012

I'm too lazy to post but these were some of the substance i collected for OCT 2012

the new 86 from Yokomo :)

Ueno smokin it right

Most likely the most known Laurel in the world

My only non Nissan "when I'm rich" car

Recently performed well

DFD own designing, ehemmm DPM parts coming soon

Ordered 2 of these

Simple layout with hard technical demands

My ol D-Like drift logo

Jack Re-R

Sobaya Wrap Up Next RWD test

Sobaya ol TC-D are reborn to be RWD

Overdose lucky charms

I never knew Overdose made these for HPI E10 (dont waste money on E10 :)

Next project coming soon on direct knuckles

New Yokomo steering for Imadoki and DPM are well optimized

45 degree entry finished with full lock 90 degree rubbing the wall :)

Yokomo DPM & DIB at MRC

Yokomo DPM & DIB from crabsteer on Vimeo.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Positive Camber? Oh no no no :)

After a long breaks, here are the starter

Positive Camber too much is not good as well :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mr. Kun's and Kent's brothers from Ukomo Autoparts

Some interest on Dai's replica from Hpi as well

OD rims on my way!

Ijoi RCIOJI's Ueno's replica

More samples of DFD users

DFD Aluminum Steering in stocks! Rm110

MRC tandem Acom & Stephen

MRC tandem, was with Acom

Another 180sx fever: Mr. Kent's

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Definisi Formula D 2012

This is written in Bahasa Malaysia, my oversea readers please use Google translate for your understanding, thank you for supporting my little blog up to 100K views. My YouTube channel is under MrCrabsteer. 
Just home-made videos, nothing professional about it yet.Cheers!
Saya tak pernah lepas satu episod pun sejak dulu, tunggu episod baru setiap kali. 
Proximity = Jarak antara dua kereta waktu tandem. 2012 ini judge suka CLOSE PROXIMITY! 
Harap RC judge pun suka. :)
Janganlah suka main kotor, slowkan kereta waktu tandem, malu kalau menang. Janganlah pulak terlalu laju sampai angle tertutup tutup. 
Contoh racing line pun penting, Marilah kita. :)

Street Jam dengar khabar nak V lining. maksudnya angle sentiasa ada walaupun kecil sepanjang layout. Angle yang kecil tu sepatutnya menjadi semakin besar di hujung corner dan keadaan ini berterusan sampai finish line.Steering tak banyak adjustment ada advantage. Steering neutralkan disadvantage. Steering masuk dalam melebihi neutral (understeer) boleh balik. 

Driver yang drift cara lama, kereta ada jalan straight banyak, disadvantage. Driver yang buka angle besar lepas tu ada corrections atau semakin kecil, disadvantage. So kita open minded. Mari ikut perkara baik, tinggalkan perkara lama. Kita memang drift for fun, tapi pemenanglah yang paling happy. Semoga kita semua happy dan percaya diri sendiri. :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My not so New Yokomo Nissan 180sx drift body. This time it will be complete with lights & wing. I was not into decorations, lights for year. Now since the car setup is good, lets do more bodies!