Sunday, July 22, 2012

A31 & C35 training :)

Sekia Hills of D-Like drivers old vidz

Chance Circuit Vol 9

SideTurn Sapporo

An old friend, Stuffcc "Sick Chassis" collections

Team Xray Setup Book 2013

I have read the previous version in my toilet for few years now. Hahahaha
This 2013 version had slight changes. Download it and learn from it. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coming soon!

Ordered 5 sets of this, arriving soon!

Nice neck straps huh! Waitttt!

Option parts!

 DFD anodizing services! ask me!

The most programmable ESC to date! Order now, Free technical supports!  
 I love my EX-1 KIY!

 Sold my Keyence Luxon KG, will buy again!

 What can happen in 5 minutes?

 Err please rotate and see the watch time :)

Tuning tuning tuning! 


 Receive arms, It is VERY light!
 The difference between Team Suzuki with Yokomo original parts.

 I found the lower mount to be useful, Very useful to maintain roll centre ETC..
Crazy orders! 

 I love RSX one 10!

Nothing beats Kawada for SPURS and STEEL PINION from Square, yes STEEL!

Gold D-like Re-R SPL 2012

WOW... What a break from my blog!
When I'm busy with my car, I rarely updating my blog. There were so many things happened, so many projects with my D-Like Re-R. After anodizing it I had experimented with so many configurations and settings. I don't share my setting as I'm not a champion. I rarely entering events. Too busy with my family. I prefer to drift on the local track bashing with my buddies. They are getting good, better than before. :)

Here was the original battery configurations. Re-R had 2 locations. Either front or a bit to the back. I like to use the front. NO BUMPER WEIGHT as my tuning principle is set everything!

After the mods...
Thanks to DFD for anodizing, Kent from Ukomo for the parts and Wong & Ali from MRC for my regular testing tracks.