Monday, November 28, 2011

ARD Plus Toyo decks upgrades from TX

He changed the arms, knuckles? Why not using the original ARD CERD11?
Original arms are the best! the CER original angle need minor mods but the knuckles hmmm... Cant really know, its not in my hand (yet) :)



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kumakubo's Team Orange bed?


Interesting RC Drift scene in 2011

The track quality and wall ride is getting better!

Bodyshell became more detailed.

Cooler bodyshell kits, DIY and pre form.


even Mchassis are infected.

The numerous company started to venture seriously on drift chassis development and testing.


Tamiya getting attentions. VDF


Ueno's New DRB (after YIDM Malaysia)

and his 2011 D1 Decals

Tamiya FF03 Custom Drift mods

I posted Beruno's work before, here are the finished products


Monday, November 21, 2011

Try this link to calculate CS ratio the lazy way. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Order Now! ARD D11TX Plus TOYO Ver

Only Red & Pink left!


Order Now! D-Like Re-R for Yokomo

Good news to Yokomo Drift Package SD, BD and even Drift Master!
You can now purchase D-Like Re-R as your new drift weapon!
Spare parts is YOKOMO parts, easy to get!


Call me for to order (Full payment needed, item will be shipped +/- a week time upon confirmations) SMS ME @ 0163310258 to order. (3 stock left)

More info:


Weight Shift MEISTER Re-R (Aluminum Blue / Silver Carbon spec)

If you are looking for real drift action, don't look further!!

By shifting body weight, control the drifting!

Using super rigid chassis > Easy to weight shift and drift!

Front Bulk integrated! > Easy to weight shift and drift!

Include following:

Front Damper Stay x 1
Rear Damper Stay x 1
Upper Deck x 1
Main Chassis x 1
Front Bulk Head L&R x 1
Rear Bulk Head L&R x 1
Belt Tensioner Post x 1
Main Gear Adaptor x 1
Drive Belt Rear x 1
Drive Belt Front x1
Diff Pulley 40T x 2
Center Shaft x1
Center Pulley x 2
Pulley Colour x 2
T0.3 Sim x3
Uni-Crank Post x 2
Uni-Crank Post Collar x1
Uni-Crank Plastic Parts x1
Saver Mount x 1
Saver Nut x 1
Saver Spring x 1
840 Metal x 2
38mm Turnbuckle x1
58mm Turnbuckle x1
4.3 Pole End x 2
4.3 Pole x 1
4.3 Pole Long x1
840 Flange Bearing x2
840 bearing x2
Belt Tensioner Flange Pipe x 1
M2 Screws x 6
M3x8 Cap Screw x 17
M3 x 10 Cap Screw x 2
M3 x 15 Cap Screw x 1
M3 x 1o Screw x 14
M3 Lock Nut x 1
M3 * 3 Set Screw x 3