Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking forward for tomorrow Street Jam Drift Session Round 2

I'll be competing tomorrow.. Wish me luck!

HB TC-D Settings will be shared only if i'm within best 8.

Kalau tak bagus buat apa cerita itu ini pasal setup & tuning. :)


The internary for tomorrow


Our first visit to RC IOJI

OVERDOSE had released few parts...




I said wow... I was waiting for the 6th person for a while now!

Thank you for following by blog!!!

You guys had motivate me to continue this, keep locking my angle!

My Video channel will be active again once i had better camcorder (FULL HD) preferred.
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All this while i thought i'm reading this my self. :)
When i'm referring to OD products, my reference is either OD official website, Sobaya blog or Yodo own blog. My personal comment was added to share my view and findings. OD is actually part of HPI designer (YODO) colaboration with the tuning company WELD.

O V e r d o S e (OD) recently had joined the RC tuning scene with few interesting parts especially for Hot Bodies TC-D. The below as you can see is +5 gram virtual weight added to tune up the weight transfer and balance for the chassis. The original bumper holder is about 3 gram and OD recently had released 8 grams bumper holder.

We are tired processing the knuckle / C hub for better clearance & more angled, fortunately OD had released a better knuckle. Referring to other picture you will see these new knuckle is thinner to avoid scraping the lower arm when installed.
Look closely OD had released 2 mm shorter rear knuckle for better roll centre adjustments. Keep in mind that when we look at TC-D most of my setup had maximum absorbers stretch due to the original roll centre. Now since OD had realised the issue, our car can be better.
Deep in my mind i thought of the HPI big rim and tyres had influenced the TC-D roll centre design before. That tires& rim combo had made YODO use -0.5 to -1.5 camber ONLY. he had changed to -6 camber nowadays as he is using Yokomo DR01 tires. That is proper! :)
I still prefer Maximum camber at the front and adjusting the rear.
Yeap OD had released the 8 degree Caster with unknown screw placement. 8 degree huh..
I read somewhere Kumakubo san setup his team orange car with 0 camber all round. RC CS car cant do that but maybe I'm thinking of at least 20 degree with 0 camber all rounder. The effect can be the same as the real thing.
The inside tires +gain, outside -gain ( //---// ) and not ( //---\\ )
Had any one tried that?

Yodo's car. Recently he had converted to full OD spec & features.

The MOLD for the new OD body
and The finished result... Impressive details!
See ya!