Monday, March 24, 2014

Yokomo DPM Centre One-Way/solid for all gears!

I really love DPM 😄. 
The only thing I haven't try is using gear diff and centre one way for DPM. Since Yokomo don't release it after more than a year released, I customised it for local events. The centre one-way is not legal for Yatabe Arena 😭 - Gaijin Brothers Spec 😈

Options: solid shaft using DP original parts or custom centre one-way :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New weight distributions: Yokomo DPM SPL version 2 for 2014 (twin servo)

Just finished the measurements, with the same top motor, twin servo, i've moved it to F50:R50 weight distributions for the chassis, with JZX 100 body F48:R52 ratio. Compare to top mount rear motor it was F58:R42 chassis ratio and was F60:R40 ratio 😂. I love DPM so much!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yokomo Shock Absorber Servicing

It was almost a year i did not use all 4 shocks. Front were fixed with TN racing "L" and rear still maintaining shock system with seesaw linkage.  I like it, thanks to people like Bagi and Riku and many brave people who try everything. 
I don't want to say much, most every rc drifter knows this. Just sharing what is important to me when servicing or tuning my shocks. Here are some of thr tools i use. 

It is recommended to use Green Slime with new sets of O'rings. I still have thr blue Yokomo rings, thr best still kyosho's x grooved o'rings. 

I use cotton buds if the shock is too dirty. 

I use 500-200 range as it is easier to vacuum. 

Not many people use Yokomo Aeration Caps like me. I like so much. Easier to set rebounds and even zero rebound. 
To have more rebounds extend the shock and tightened the small bleed screw. 

To do almost zero rebound, i use camber adjuster to give a small gap, compress the shock and hold it. Tighten thr bleed screw and finish. 

After extending the shocks it will give you as what we want. So what do i want? What do you want? :)

Sometimes, i select my springs, shock positions for hours at home. What i want is hitting the track and drift! - I like to have more drift time than sitting at table setting the car. The longer you tune your car, everything we do, we always know exactly it will behave 😄