Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gonna print some stickers!

Thanks Bagi Designs, i altered it slightly.

Switching to Sanwa M12 from Ko Propo EX -1 KIY

Learning never stop. It is safe to say my journey with Ko Propo was a good one! I have explored all the functions and proved that Ko Propo can use twin servo setup, introduced the cut off setup and few others. I still remember the TH acceleration mode helped me on the first Wangsa Walk event, the carpet was sprayed and we struggled with tractions. The sounds were awesome. I'm gonna miss my Ko Propo and just starting to learn about M12. Cant wait to test all its functions!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Its the car or the driver?

Focussing too much on car settings or modifications is not good as well. 

Standard or modify, lets be confident with our driving. Not learning at all is definite loss. 😄

If we test a setup and do 10 laps, 8 laps were consistent but another 2 were not good, it is normally "Driver issue". 

If we tested 8 laps and fail, only 2 passed, then it is the "Car issue". 

Modifications/systems/cutting/adding/redesign/others only needed when the "basic" was done. Only do these when the car is good. We want to change from "good" to "great"

Experience came from mistakes! 

Have a good setup and compete on events 👍

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old wrist watch: Saving Casio Pro Trek

I had this wrist watch during my college time, more than 10 years ago... Since it is solar powered, the battery lasted almost forever. Obviously i'm still living under the sun Hahaha... Recently, the aging buckled deteriorate and snapped. No replacement parts for the strap :( 
Being an RC Drift enthusiast, i just put it together with some carbon bits and some screws.  I'm wearing it again! :)

Why not buying new one? Hehehe... I like certain things, and only those things. If i cant afford it, i dont buy something lesser. Live with it and work for it. Eventually with god wills, i will earn it. I agreed with the phrase "Poor men buy twice..." :)

Love these two. Insya Allah if it will last another 10 years why not. :)

P/S: Dear wife, what month is after February, CiPoPo? 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Kazukiyo Mori (FB) body detailing :)

Awesome works!

Love this detailing!

Almost a year...

It is almost a year since my last post. I think it is time to refresh this blog. 
I decided to use FB account under the name of my daughter FB: Kaleelasari Mohd Azwan to share some updates. 
I also had created a small FB group, Yokomo Drift World Modifications. The reason is to separate RC stuff with daily life updates. I think it is a good way to keep some pictures as well! 

Thank you for your supports!