Monday, May 23, 2011

Benefits of Water/Methanol Injections for your 1:1 scale.

This videos explained further. Very educational. Boost it up!


Toyota FT-86 growl!

Even I'm a Nissan guy, FT86 had proven to be the car manufacturer respond to the glory of RWD, drifting enthusiast, sports and scenes. At least they are listening to what people want. Affordable car with attutudes.

Thanks to Dinesh from ZTH for sharing.

If Alai can do this, I'll running naked at HPC for 3 days.


Among the Uras Gang bodies and Gold VDF

More 180SX... Cant go wrong with em!
Kumakubo C33 use the same style rear diffuser and short bumper.. Is something going on here? :)

Too Deep to be Dished?

Even the richest man in the world dont have this level of GOLD reserve. I am smiling to see those pins and ultra long knuckle. This kit can be completed with the active hobby full decks. Still, a VDF is good car, easy to setup and smooth to drive.

P/S: Please dont tell me the rims also in gold... :P

Flourecent Blue Rims is better?

A FREE bodyshell & maybe the best GO GREEN initiative for planet Earth

Billet Suspension Arms and Steering post


New Drift Chassis from Kazama Auto, GP-X

Nazir, a good friend Perak had posted the Kazama Auto chassis recently. From my patience surfing, I found another 2 details picture of it. It looks like an OTA R31 with slight changes. The close up pic confirmed the build quality. You decide. :)

SSGP Championship Series 2011 - 3rd Round

Venue : Kota Raja RC Track, Klang
Date : 22 May 2011

When RC drifters play touring, or even SSGP, the driving skills were enhanced. The results? Dominations!

1st Black (a drifter)
2nd Alai Max Power (a drifter)

1st Naqy (a drifter)
2nd Aza Fuhren (a drifter)

Congrats friends! Now, come and drift everyday again...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Overdose DRB option Chassis teaser?

Maybe Yodo just wanna tease DRB drivers... :)

TANSO, TSUISO of the coolest driver in D1 GRAND PRIX SERIES


“Who drives with the coolest drifts?” This is what the D1 Grand Prix is all about.  The D1 Grand Prix is a competition that determines winners based on how cool their drifting is. Drifting is a method of driving in which cars run while the rear wheels or all four wheels are sliding. At this time, drivers steer their cars in a direction different from that in which their cars are turning, with a degree of awareness that exceeds the limits of normal driving, to control their cars with extremely high levels of balance.
 The biggest attraction of drifting is the unconventional movement of the cars. In drift competitions, drivers initiate drifts by sliding their cars at points far before corners, pass there through while revving their engines, and accelerate while burning rubber. These dynamic and acrobatic actions appeal directly to the senses of spectators.
 In addition, in drifting, there is an extremely high number of steering manipulations at each single corner. This is one of the factors that contribute to winners and losers being determined based more on the driver’s skill than on the specs of the cars themselves. D1 Grand Prix is the competitions in which these skills are tested.

TANSO is the stage in which 30 entrants compete for the right to enter the TSUISO stage. In TANSO, cars drive through a course individually. There are generally two runs in the TANSO stage. The run having the higher score of the two runs is applied for ranking. Here, the degree of accuracy in techniques is evaluated. In addition to course lines which are announced in advance, factors such as “angle”, “speed”, “engine noise”, and “smoothness of motion” are judged as a whole. There are large point deductions in cases that driver cause spins to occur, or drive through corners with under steer.
 The top 16 entrants in order of average scores given by judges can advance to the TSUISO tournament. Note that the combinations of drivers in the TSUISO tournament are determined based on the rankings in the TANSO stage. The TSUISO tournament ladder is formed, such as 1st place vs. 16th place, 2nd place vs. 15 place, 3rd place vs. 14th place, etc.

The one on one TSUISO drift elimination tournament is the highlight of the D1 Grand Prix.  Highly ranked competitors who repeatedly exhibit perfect drifts and cannot be judged by TANSO stage alone compete with each other one on one, to determine winners and losers.

 Two competing drivers determine who will be the lead car and who will be the trail car, and start simultaneously. The lead car driver drives to the best of his or her ability, and the trail car driver drives to match the lead car’s drifts. If the trail car shortens the distance between it and the lead car and gets inside the lead car at a corner, the trail car wins. If the trail car cannot keep up with the lead car, the trail car loses. Points are deducted for spins, under steering, if the angle of drift is shallower than that of the other car, if the distance of drift is shorter than that of the other car, and if control of the car becomes erratic. Therefore, the lead car driver may drift at larger angles, even at the cost of sacrificed speed. Accordingly, it is not necessarily the case that faster cars or higher horsepower cars will win. Note that tracing the set course line does not influence judgments as severely as in the TANSO stage. However, points are deducted from the lead car driver if his or her line through a corner hugs the inside thereof, such that the trail car has no space to get inside.
 Two heats, in which the lead/trail cars are switched, are driven for each combination of drivers in the TSUISO tournament. Each judge scores the drivers during each heat, by assigning points to each driver such that the total is 10, such as “5:5” and “7:3”. In the case that the drivers achieve the same number of points after two heats, or in the case that only a slight point difference exists, the tournament enters a sudden death stage. In the case that repeated sudden death stage heats does not result in a win/loss, the judges will determine a winner by considering the contents of the heats up to that point as a whole. The maximum number of sudden death heats is 3.
 The TSUISO tournament determines a winner by the elimination rounds which are performed in this manner.

A D1 license is necessary.  
It is not possible to enter the D1 Grand Prix without a D1 license. A D1 license may be obtained by: placing well at various local D1 qualifying trials; winning two or more points in the D1SL Series; and the like. In addition, competitors’ cars must have safety measures based on the vehicle regulations of the D1 Grand Prix.


Preliminary Round

Preliminary rounds are held to determine entrants (20 drivers) other than seeded drivers. The preliminary rounds involve competitors driving two TANSO heats. 20 drivers having the highest scores qualify for the TANSO stage. Note that seeded drivers are exempt from the preliminary rounds.

TANSO Stage.

The TANSO stage eliminates 14 of the 30 entrants. 10 seeded drivers and the 20 drivers who qualified through the preliminary rounds held the previous day compete by driving two TANSO heats. 16 drivers having the highest scores qualify for the TSUISO elimination tournament

TSUISO Best 16

The TSUISO elimination tournament determines a single winner from among the 16 drivers who scored highest in the TANSO stage. The 16 drivers enter an elimination tournament according to the one on one TSUISO rules. The driver who remains at the end of the elimination tournament is the winner!

Each Series Tournament starts with the Preliminary Round. However, drivers who are ranked 1st through 10th in points at that point in time (in the first Series Tournament, the rankings of points from the previous year) are exempted from the preliminary round as seeded drivers. Starting in 2008, drivers who satisfy predetermined conditions and enter the tournament in a current car are also exempted from the preliminary round. The preliminary rounds are driven one entrant at a time, in the same manner as in the TANSO stage. The judging of the preliminary rounds is also performed in the same manner as in the TANSO stage. Often, there are 50 entrants in the preliminary round. Approximately 20 drivers having the highest points qualify to enter the TANSO stage in the finals.

In each round that determines champions based on points won, the top 16 drivers are ranked, and points are awarded according to the drivers’ rank. 1st place and 2nd place are determined by direct pairing in the TSUISO tournament. However, 3rd place and 4th place, 5th place through 8th place, and 9th place through 16th place are determined based on evaluations by the judges. In addition, 1 additional point is awarded to drivers who score 100 points in the TANSO stage. Eight series tournaments will be held in the 2009 D1 Grand Prix series, and the champion will be determined by total points won. In the case that drivers have the same number of points, the driver having the greatest number of high place results, such as the most number of wins, most number of second place finishes, the driver having the most number of third place finishes... and so on will be determined to be the champion.

Taken from official 2011 D1 CORPORATION website.

DSTROYR clothing welcome Tengku Djan Ley The Prince Of Drift

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bring your Mummy and Daddy along ya Drift!

From Drift Colors

How to wash your Drift car?

Yeah man! I didn't say cleaning. Just washed it!

New HOBBYWING items, MAXPOWER batteries ready for pick up!

Dear friends, your order are ready!  :)

          MAXPOWER SPORT battery 6000mah 50C peaked at 338AMP - rm170
          MAXPOWER SPORT battery 6000mah 60C peaked at 398AMP -rm190

New! MAXPOWER SPORT battery 6000mah 60C peaked at 620AMP -rm240

HOBBYWING combo 8.5T,10.5T 17.5T
ESC combo (all sensored) available:
  • Justock 60amp         rm439 (normal program card, no turbo function, software still can be updated)
  • Xtreme 60amp         rm539 (2 in 1 program card, with turbo function, MUST try the latest software!)
  • Version 2.1 120amp rm639 (2 in 1 program card, with turbo function, LOVE try the latest software!)

HOBBYWING Power Capacitors, Switches, Fans

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Customer's Fijon FDC 2: Wan from Sandakan Sabah

I received an email from one of my customer Wan and he attached together few of his mods.
He had customised his Fijon to his design as below.
I hope you are reading this, since we are far away, I had suggestions for Fijon, tested to be satisfying in the hand of my blood brother:
  • Reduce the rear toe.
  • Reduce the rear ratio. Standard was 23-28=1.21 (too fast, too furious). Reduce to be 1.4 by changing 20t centre pulley.
  • Under drive the front more. We used solid 14t combined with the standard 37t. The 16t was too ghey... :)
  • Use front one-way, Sakura Zero unit is the cheapest.
  • Add some weight under the bumper since the car is too balance to induce more understeer.
  • Softer front suspension (yeap) than normal. 




Cayalah Wan!!! Hope you post some video from Borneo soon!

TAMIYA M-06+M-05 Twinmotor drift

M-Chassis drift

Wreck 'Em Meihan: The coke bottle

Will not happen at Speed City Kuala Lumpur in the near future, balls factor. :)

Proper drifting recording car from Waru...

Zaku will definitely need this...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tamiya TB-03VDS Drift Spec..... Driving hancur.....

RC Rally in Malaysia was borned but need MAXPOWER push!

In 3 months time,I'll be starting a side a new car related hobby. Yes, its RC Rally Cars.
Since FIJON offers value for money chassis, I want to run the FIJON DX model (SHAFT) on loose track.
My HPI TC-D SPL V3 will be reserved for drifting. The ESC will still HOBBYWING with almost the same setup as drifting. The "CUT OFF SOUND" will be there for RALLYING. At the moment only Aza Fuhren play RALLY occasionally at SS19 RC Planet. Will upload updates and wait it for a new venue soon!

Rota Rota Rota Rims

Should be nice on my mom old KE20, damned again!

15x9 ET-15 (and 8j ET-5 or ET0) Rota Aleica

Were dreaming about RAYS 57D yesterday...

The dream cost starts at rm5300 for a ghey offsett 38.
Min 9jj for 17inch rims. Damned... I need to slap my face and wake up!

Miyamoto 180sx Pearl White

Wide body in the making... Will the trends be the standards?

Thursday, May 12, 2011