Friday, May 6, 2011

Optional part for Yokomo Drift Package Type C style from Active Hobby

The day before yesterday, I met Haidi (one of D1-10rc moderator) and he is assembling his new Yokomo Drift Package Active Hobby Conversion.

Firstly, Haidi is one of the pioneer for RC Drift in Malaysia. He frequently assisting us Malaysian RC drifters organising comp and had stop playing for uber long time. Im glad to see he is back to track, playing. :)

Secondly, I like unique things, and not many people had this conversion kit. I estimates around 5 unit here in Malaysia. just like VDF, only few loyal, enthusiast & proud owner will stay with it regardless what others think. I will keep the JDM blood lines with my TC-D for now. Aiming high for ARD CER D11 TX over ARD D08 Aniversary GOLD version due to performance factor. The special aniversary is still Colectors items with few hundred unit ownership card. Congratulation Haidi for being unique!

IF you purchase the kit, make sure you ordered the one way as well. Alternatively you can pump out the old one-way bearings and switch side.
Enjoy driftings!

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eddie bobo said...

bang wan..brape RM klo msok sini??
minat la..