Sunday, May 8, 2011

The latest Drift Chassis: TC-FD 2011

Yes! We are waiting for JUNE 2011.
Yes, I can't wait  to post more about about it. Nothing much to share before the official launch.
Yes, it look awesome.
Yes I'll buy it if Overdose support the option parts.
Yes, I'll buy it if HPI TC-FD & HPI TCX parts is easily available here in Malaysia like last time.
Yes, I love my current TC-D!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate do you know where you cad tc-d parts at all thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi again If you could send me any links or info to cheers

Azwan @ crabsteer said...

Sorry bro, one of the reason for me not to proceed with TC-FD after my TC-D were about the parts. I couldn't find any here or in the online market. :)

Dave said...

thanks mate found some on rc mushroom and amain hobbies and some of the parts are interchangable with the tc. Once again thanks Mate