Monday, May 2, 2011

Old time recall: My first CS mods back in 2009. Schumacher Mi3.5 PRO

Found this "antics"pictures on my hard drives.
This bring back memories when I started my Counter Steering mods to my car. Below pic was taken on 12 Oct 2009. At that time knowledge about CS setup were limited and everyone started to overdrive. Well at least I remembered when some of my buddies Remy, Eddy Jawa, Naqy tried too. At that time some of local RC Drifters were too sceptical to try. I dont care what people think of me. :)
It took me several version before I can understand the setup needs. The obvious mistake in the first try was the rear ratio was TOO FAST and TOO FURIOUS!

It all begin when still drive my Schumacher Mi3.5PRO. I had waited 2 months to buy XRAY Chassis at that time but there was no stock. With Schumacher unique design, I bought it. After many month driving it, the CS news were known. When the first time i tried, the problem were the centre pulleys for Mi3.5 were combined and IT WAS DESIGNED TO MOVE separately from the centre layshaft. That is why you can the first try as above. :) 

On 15th Dec, I started to custom made the centre pulley with better ratios but it was still inconsistent,
miss-aligned and at that time the suspension setup were not right for consistent steering holding. 

Those were in the past.

Counter Steer Advance Setup Tips

Currently the competitions are getting closer, MOST the cars out there were performing well. Its only the driving which is important. There are some secrets in tuning or setup on Counter Steering which people shared and some still well kept secret. I don't think it is TOO BIG tips to be kept. Like I said, driving style and continuous learning is the key.
 Below the piston there are flexible shims. It will make the car bound according to the oil/holes setup BUT the rebound will be slower due the shim will close portion of the holes and make it rebound SLOWER. Driving experience more stability and it doesn't bounce back too fast. Be careful not to make it too slow.
Today you press the car, tomorrow it will rebound! HAHAHA.

P/S: Remember to observe the ratio. Too fast for the rear is not good. Underdrive is sometimes better. Balance in everything, don't overdo things!

The Japanese were indirectly telling us one philosophy by their setup.

It is not because of high CS ratio that we can hold our steering,
it is in the car settings and driving...



Banggotan said...

I totally agree with you. So many tuning secrets that are not yet revealed but even if they are revealed, it all comes down to your fingers anyway. hahaha.

Holycow look at that rear pulley setup!! hahahahaha!!!

As for the Japanese philosophy, I also agree.. "It is not because of high CS ratio that we can hold our steering,
it is in the car settings and driving... "

Anonymous said...

agree with u also