Thursday, May 19, 2011

Customer's Fijon FDC 2: Wan from Sandakan Sabah

I received an email from one of my customer Wan and he attached together few of his mods.
He had customised his Fijon to his design as below.
I hope you are reading this, since we are far away, I had suggestions for Fijon, tested to be satisfying in the hand of my blood brother:
  • Reduce the rear toe.
  • Reduce the rear ratio. Standard was 23-28=1.21 (too fast, too furious). Reduce to be 1.4 by changing 20t centre pulley.
  • Under drive the front more. We used solid 14t combined with the standard 37t. The 16t was too ghey... :)
  • Use front one-way, Sakura Zero unit is the cheapest.
  • Add some weight under the bumper since the car is too balance to induce more understeer.
  • Softer front suspension (yeap) than normal. 




Cayalah Wan!!! Hope you post some video from Borneo soon!


Anonymous said...

Bro..sorry to ask.. do we need to custom the belting if we follow the calculation like yours. Tq

Anonymous said...

Cause I like the rear ratio is 1.4. Its easy to match with spur and pinnion will become 7+..

Azwan @ crabsteer said...

Yes you need to determine how many belt teeth you need. Custom belt is calculated by example 70T needed, you order S3M 210. why? S3M means 3mm per belt teeth. 210/3 = 70 :)