Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Updates: My 3rd Speed Way Pal Cefiro A31 in the making part 2

Just respray the flat clear last night... :)
80% of the body finished at 8am today.
I'm so sleepy, haven't sleep yet!
This gonna be my signature colour for 2011 both RC and my 1:1 A31.
The real A31 will be shiny and the TC-D will be flat out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates: My loved Cefiro A31 1:1 get a facelift.... at last!

Well friends, I couldn't play until tomorrow due to my job(S) and my family matters.
I was so busy sending Max Power batteries, chargers & etc to our local hobby shop.
Just went to MOD today and Wong told me that Ijoi (owner of RC IOJI) came with his new white FC! hahaha. Congrats Ijoi for such a good weapon of choice. :)

I spent this evening visiting my Ceffy spray job progress...

Ah Sing had primer and started the final sanding process. Tomorrow should be the last day of his 2 weeks turnaround, but i reckon ask him not to rush his art. :)

There was another wide body cefiro A31 on the waiting list.
Individual preference. I'm sticking to original look.

Do you know what Nakamura will drive if he is coming to Malaysia? hehehehe

Yesterday I went to Pavillion, saw this unique taxi with hundreds of car collections.
Interesting. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

My loved Cefiro A31 1:1 get a facelift.... at last!

Dear friends...
This year I need show some love to my real A31 more than ever.
All this while it had been well taken care of on its performance and practicality but not the look that much.
This year shall be a great year with many exciting things to happen.
I decided to spice it up with my daily car new look.
I sent it to Ah Sing from Soon Sing Motor workshop at Sime UEP Industrial Park and let Ah Sing and his team do his magic.
Recently if you read K-Kompak magazine, you will notice the Blue MYvi /Passo featured as the cover.

After looking at the above, i promise myself to slam this car as low as possible... later
All the door trim and everything else will be stripped out and repainted as well
My rim was painted DIY at home, going to ask them to re spray with pearl matte grey. :)

So what the body colour might be?
I chosed a low profile colour. Sparkle Grey Metallic... Not a fancy colour.
I want it to be a wicked sleeper look daily grind...
Cheers! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old school bodies..

Which school you go?

Max Power battery

Dear Nazir,

This post is specially for you since you asked. Maxpower do manufacture the hard case lipo, the round type as below. Picture borrowed from TP Racing online catalogue. Maximum mAh can only max at 4000mah and 35C for the size. Suitable for M-chassis. 30 days warranty on the height of the battery will not expand more than 3mm from original size.
The further below is a sample of what i'm using and we are gaining confident from the touring guys as of now. The OUT OF STOCK until this coming 25th It is the PRO series with 90 days warranty on the height of the battery will not expand more than 3mm from original size. I'm using the 35C of this series. :)
We encourage user to use good charger and swithing power supply with it.
It can withstand to be charge at 4C rates. Approximately 25AMP charging!
Tanyalah Alai...
Once you tried Maxpower, you'll know. :)

My current stats :)

I started my blog quite new which was 30 June 2010 until yesterday 16th Feb... its about 7 months old. Still an infant. Still a baby.
It is growing faster than before.Last month alone it went up to almost 2000 views per month. I'm happy with it. :)
The recent traffic sources were from my own blog, Nazir's blog and the indonesia rc blog. i would like to thank you for reading and supporting me. i will continue to entertain you RC drift news and sharing...

Sold my unpainted bodyshell to Wik, Adik Abg Zai...

Speed Way Pal sample pics. I bought it due to the different rear spoiler and it is AE86.
After looking at my history, i never use other than NISSAN car, i sold it.
For now, it is still unbroken, maybe in the future who knows.... :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My 3rd Speed Way Pal Cefiro A31 in the making...

My new rims and power balance

My signature rim colour was fluorescent PINK.

I received new Power balance stocks recently and I want it to be drift inspired colour, I chosed fluorescent GREEN.
Bought new set of rims just to match.

Some people had doubt on Power Balance, i'm using it for the positive effect to me, mylar or not who cares, its mine and the athletes still using it till now.
Most people buy the pirated/ counterfeit one, what did they expect it to works? buy originals or don’t buy at all.

Do I look like I care? hahahahaha!

The Crabsteer SPL Version 2.0

Since it is so hard to get the Overdose chassis, the great TC-D chassis creations was further altered. Enjoy drifting it always... :)

I had tested the car after the lower deck mods posted recently. Feels right but can be much better. The rear had more traction due to the flex but feel unbalance. Further observation makes me realised that the LEFT side was having difficulties flexing to the left due to the servo mounting. It was designed to be mounted that way but it was not with super flex lower chassis. I had a solution for it...

As planned earlier (but not this radical....), i think that the servo must not be touching any part of the lower deck. It might be twisted due to the torque servo swing.
I decided to mount the EVERYTHING to the motor mount and let nothing touching decks.

Using a carbon panel, I customised the servo holder and the esc mount. It took me 2 days to really find the best absorber setup for the new flex. I am so happy, i'm going to stick to the current setup. Trust me, the "floating" component makes the biggest difference.

The upper decks were leave as stock due to the flex from below is sufficient for my driving style.

STD TC-D = Have to set soft suspension = losing overall grip on high traction track

Crabsteer SPL = Can to set from soft to Medium suspension settings = Can adjust overall grip on high traction track such as carpet

This is not a normal?.. GOKIL? Overkill?

Yes I'm....



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Custom bodyshells.

This is from URAS team. If before i had shared with you on their bodykit which was quite easy to apply to our car.

This time they had used the clay, primer it and spray over.
Ever wonder why they are Japanese? They start many good things. :)

CE-RX tested by Street Jam drivers recently

heard of the unofficial world released this end of March. Cant confirm.

This is definitely the best coffee table for me!

Kudos to the creator! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another TC-D chassis found...

Another NEW Hot Bodies TC-D option chassis.

Similar to Overdose but still different. In my opinion the Flexibility is moderate.

Forgot to take the manufacturer or designer name. :(

I dont know why i like to talk about CHASSIS so much, but I know I want it ALL. :)

Stay tune this coming Monday for my Version 2 Crabsteer SPL mods details. Going to HPC to test it now! Ciao! :)

Active Hobby VDF CS option KIT.

YES. Improvements for the VDF.
Honestly i like most of the VDF except for the steering parts.
To all the VDF owners, here is another option just for you. I know someone who will get this, order yours now :)

Focus on roll of the car. Check out the top deck improvements and overal flex.

The japanese still review this as RIGID. So we need more flex? I know i do. :)

The below is their 55 degrees UJs.

Like it when all the manufacturer focus more on drift market since recent years. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

E-mail enquiries...

Dearest readers & friends...

There were lots of email enquiries coming to me and I'll be glad to reply all. Some of the issues were some of the email were from "anonymous". I appreciate if you can send me from your personal email address so I can attend to it.

I'm so glad to see my readers getting wider range and from various countries. We share info and opinions for this exiting hobby.

Thank you for your supports! Appreciate it. :)

Azwan, Malaysian

TOP SECRET: Next design of the R31 diffuser?

Cant stop laughing :)

Shafters dori chassis!

Some of the mean looking shaft chassis. I'll stick to belt drive for now but seeing the some shaft drivers keeping their cool with that natural torque hungry sideways make me smile. :) - Including yours my brother DoriyAa!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Greatest news in 30 years!

I had the greatest news in my 30 years... I'm going to become a father! :)
As of now only families know. You as a reader will know earlier than my friends and office mates. It is a happy day indeed!
Pray for a healthy and beautiful baby for me and my wifey. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nakamura is back with better sponsor!

News comes to us from the international staff at Tomei Powered in Machida that Naoki Nakamura, the reigning champion of the D1SL series in 2010 and here pictured with Takuya Hamakawa of Car Studio (D-Max), is now set to return for the 2011 season. In what competition you ask? We have very informed ideas about that…
The main point here is that, as 7tune reported, Keiichi Tsuchiya is looking to start a new series very shortly and we can confirm after having spoken to Dorikin about the matter, that the new series will begin this year between March and April. This places nicely for a man looking to bounce back and make amends.
This also ties in well with the budding ambitions of a talented driver who buys his products from a well established company like Tomei Powered. This show of commitment might be just the tonic needed in a difficult situation such as this.
While not wishing to take a stance that condones the actions of Nakamura, there is no denying his ability on a circuit and that is the place that web want to see him excel, so 7tune would like to wish him all the best in his endeavors for the 2011 season.

Taken from

Since Tsuchiya is no longer with D1, Naoki had opportunity to do it right again in with a new organizer. When D1 decide to remove his car D1 sticker at recent TAS, it had made a clear statement. Ada rezeki tak kemana... :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

TC-Ds from hell...

If Malaysia had about 4 (which i know), Indonesia had almost the same number... Japan had lots of it. I am happy to own 1... :)

Nice bodyshells...

Race Report:Street Jam Final Round

Date: 30th Jan 2011

Track: MOD

Surface: Carpet

The trophy for the final round and the overall championship of 3 rounds. Kudos to MOD for the high quality prizes.The Street Jam giveaway! Springs (yummy!!!) and others

Among the 25 participants for the day..
Wong gave the briefing (below). Among the improvements were the tsuiso battle will require the participants to follow the brushings and clipping points. Compare to before the lead car can take any racing lines and the chase car will suffer due to inconsistency of the lead cars. Now both car need to follow the racing line and we can see closer tandem than before. If not participant will be too careful and thinking too much on the opponent next line.

These rule was not implemented in the expert class yet, but soon, we need to up skill our drifters to be competitive internationally. Wong added, in the actual Street Jam format for example, during the tsuiso battle, both participant need to follow all clipping & brushing points to be eligible for thr round point. If we missed to get even 1/4 of the giving marked points, the tsuiso will be considered 0. Spunned will be considered 0 as well as usual.

Steering work need to be consistent and in the future maybe 4wd with no overdive or underdrive will not be permitted to compete. (camana nak jaga steering kalau 4wd kann...

We need to set the HIGH standards of countersteering RC Drifting from now on.. :)


Wak, 3rd Place Expert Class

Didi, 2nd Place Expert Class

Wak Taen, 1st Place Expert class (Maxpower PRO battery user) hehehe


Ejoi, 3rd Place SUPER Expert Class
Kenny, 2nd Place SUPER Expert Class

Eric, 1st Place SUPER Expert Class

Naqy, 3rd Place OVERALL Championship

Nilai Chong, 2nd Place OVERALL Championship

Eric, OVERALL Champion for Street Jam

RTM crews from "In-trends" segments covering the event nationwide.

The celebrities

Best 8 Super Expert for me this round. Will do better next time. Thank you to Wong and MOD crew for such an awesome event, to Maxpower for an awesome supports and thank you Steven for the transportation that day.