Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Crabsteer SPL Version 2.0

Since it is so hard to get the Overdose chassis, the great TC-D chassis creations was further altered. Enjoy drifting it always... :)

I had tested the car after the lower deck mods posted recently. Feels right but can be much better. The rear had more traction due to the flex but feel unbalance. Further observation makes me realised that the LEFT side was having difficulties flexing to the left due to the servo mounting. It was designed to be mounted that way but it was not with super flex lower chassis. I had a solution for it...

As planned earlier (but not this radical....), i think that the servo must not be touching any part of the lower deck. It might be twisted due to the torque servo swing.
I decided to mount the EVERYTHING to the motor mount and let nothing touching decks.

Using a carbon panel, I customised the servo holder and the esc mount. It took me 2 days to really find the best absorber setup for the new flex. I am so happy, i'm going to stick to the current setup. Trust me, the "floating" component makes the biggest difference.

The upper decks were leave as stock due to the flex from below is sufficient for my driving style.

STD TC-D = Have to set soft suspension = losing overall grip on high traction track

Crabsteer SPL = Can to set from soft to Medium suspension settings = Can adjust overall grip on high traction track such as carpet

This is not a normal?.. GOKIL? Overkill?

Yes I'm....



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