Thursday, February 3, 2011

Race Report:Street Jam Final Round

Date: 30th Jan 2011

Track: MOD

Surface: Carpet

The trophy for the final round and the overall championship of 3 rounds. Kudos to MOD for the high quality prizes.The Street Jam giveaway! Springs (yummy!!!) and others

Among the 25 participants for the day..
Wong gave the briefing (below). Among the improvements were the tsuiso battle will require the participants to follow the brushings and clipping points. Compare to before the lead car can take any racing lines and the chase car will suffer due to inconsistency of the lead cars. Now both car need to follow the racing line and we can see closer tandem than before. If not participant will be too careful and thinking too much on the opponent next line.

These rule was not implemented in the expert class yet, but soon, we need to up skill our drifters to be competitive internationally. Wong added, in the actual Street Jam format for example, during the tsuiso battle, both participant need to follow all clipping & brushing points to be eligible for thr round point. If we missed to get even 1/4 of the giving marked points, the tsuiso will be considered 0. Spunned will be considered 0 as well as usual.

Steering work need to be consistent and in the future maybe 4wd with no overdive or underdrive will not be permitted to compete. (camana nak jaga steering kalau 4wd kann...

We need to set the HIGH standards of countersteering RC Drifting from now on.. :)


Wak, 3rd Place Expert Class

Didi, 2nd Place Expert Class

Wak Taen, 1st Place Expert class (Maxpower PRO battery user) hehehe


Ejoi, 3rd Place SUPER Expert Class
Kenny, 2nd Place SUPER Expert Class

Eric, 1st Place SUPER Expert Class

Naqy, 3rd Place OVERALL Championship

Nilai Chong, 2nd Place OVERALL Championship

Eric, OVERALL Champion for Street Jam

RTM crews from "In-trends" segments covering the event nationwide.

The celebrities

Best 8 Super Expert for me this round. Will do better next time. Thank you to Wong and MOD crew for such an awesome event, to Maxpower for an awesome supports and thank you Steven for the transportation that day.

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