Friday, February 18, 2011

My loved Cefiro A31 1:1 get a facelift.... at last!

Dear friends...
This year I need show some love to my real A31 more than ever.
All this while it had been well taken care of on its performance and practicality but not the look that much.
This year shall be a great year with many exciting things to happen.
I decided to spice it up with my daily car new look.
I sent it to Ah Sing from Soon Sing Motor workshop at Sime UEP Industrial Park and let Ah Sing and his team do his magic.
Recently if you read K-Kompak magazine, you will notice the Blue MYvi /Passo featured as the cover.

After looking at the above, i promise myself to slam this car as low as possible... later
All the door trim and everything else will be stripped out and repainted as well
My rim was painted DIY at home, going to ask them to re spray with pearl matte grey. :)

So what the body colour might be?
I chosed a low profile colour. Sparkle Grey Metallic... Not a fancy colour.
I want it to be a wicked sleeper look daily grind...
Cheers! :)

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