Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Automix RC Drift July 2010

After the recent Automix event, which placed me 7th, i need to seriously clean every thing up. Started the process but did not managed to finish it till now...

Too bad Mr. Kumakubo and Suenaga from Team Orange cancelled their Drift Clinic for the 1:1 drifters. I only had few pics on the Autoshow participants. There was a Zonda which i never came across with before.Enjoy!

Noticed the white cement to patch that rough tarmac? it had messed up my car and parts as it was raining during the competition day. Everybody was not that happy with it... The organizer promised to have a better surface on the next event :)

My car is the Black Cefiro. :)

Me and Wong... his first competition.

7th place only... try next time. :)

My TC-D development story....

Yeap i got 2 instant wish lists:
1) to learn how to create a good drift videos for me and my Max Power Drift Agency.
2) to share a complete car settings info specifically for Counter dori, specifically TC-D.
I am learning to create a good videos. Bare with me for a while. Need to find a good video recording cam and need to find time to go to drift track during the days. I always drift at night at HPC Glenmarie, need to find a good lighting. :)
My TC-D:
At the moment I am pleased with my TC-D but as you can see i never share any info in this blog yet. The reason was i havent got the time to showcase the full details of it.

Purchased the the Hot Bodies TC-D and some of the parts on 19th June 2010.

Some of the upgrades purchased were:

  1. Cyclone One way Ver. 2
  2. Hard HPI Spring (red)
  3. Square Pulleys: 13T, 15T, 20T
  4. Square rear pulley: 40T and 30T
  5. Some shims and accessories.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Congratz to JRCD and the winners...

Chat with black just now and he told me on how good the effort on some Indonesian bodyshell was... take a peek...

Yes the japs had done it before (from scratch) but we didn't do it. Some may buy a ready made cockpit/ engine bay and glue it here but the Indonesian choose to hand made it.
The actual winner's effort... I want that micro air filter!

Photo courtesy by Encik Black. Cheers! - Azwan

Monday, July 5, 2010

My TC-D first event report: SuperAutoMix battle!

It was a good event.

I only managed to place 7th. My boss Wong "Max power" first event had placed him 8th. Hahaha. Ok la tu first timer. Next event cuba lagi. :) Congratz to Eric, Rul Wan & Wong MOD.

Thanks to the organizer and judge (Amin, Nazri & D sham) for making it happening. :)

The event location (Bukit Jalil) was convenience to many with side attractions. Too bad the 1:1 drift clinic was postponed to a later date. The main organizer seems to promise a better event next time. He promised Kumakubo and Suenaga will come this year.

The track was fairly slow-medium speed, with a good feint opportunity. the rough surface seems to be disappointment to most of us drifters but we cant blame the organizer as the location was given by Axiacom. Drivers need to adjust to it. This can be better.

I cant forget how big was the square event at HPC. How fast everyone on the entry speed. How insane angle at that time. just like the real thing. that kind of event will be remembered. That kind of excitement CAN attract people to watch and play. if we do more events hopefully it should be bigger and high entry speed with feint, small and long brushing corners. Recently i like the puchong rc battle layout (i cant join at that time but have tested it the day before).

The judging was good. We were explained on the reason for the score given at every run. Of course some may dispute sometimes but overall it was acceptable. Selalunya yang kalah la akan protest... Semenjak dua menjak ni ramai yang dah start protest bila kalah. Bila tengku Djan jadi judge dulu takde pun orang nak protest. nampak sangat tak respect kat judge. Setakat bertanya boleh la. Aku kalah pun senyum je la, masih ada respect dalam hati ni. Kena terima. Drifting judge pun manusia yang makan nasik ( Malaysian & Japanese). Kalau nak 100% fair main touring ikut lap counter. :) Back to Bukit Jalil.

I personally like to see more one more time especially when there is 50/50 or too close to decide towards the best 16 and below. I saw more one more time in best 4 which is good to satisfy the drivers. It can be practised more especially from best 16 onwards. Best 32 selalunya obvious winners. Overall judging acceptable.

The trophies and cash prizes was GREAT. our trophies was better (nicer, BIGGER and with cash incentives) compared to the multi thousand ICE or Autoshow winner. What can be improve was the medal can be label or engraved with 4th to 22nd individually. Those small thing are important. i heard it was from Axiacom directly so it is dully understand. :)

I used poor, good and GREAT with reasons as explained for improvements and appreciations.

Overall it was fun. I'm looking forward to join on the next event!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who is this guy beside me?

He is the backbone of HPI Racing, Atshusi Hara.
This world champion is truly a nice, soft spoken guy who can tune and drive. One thing i noticed was his setup place always NEAT, good tools & equipment and lots of spare parts (of course, factory driver la). . He won in the recent TITC as well. His advise for Futaba 4PK and 3PK was not to use Lipo on the transmitter as it may burnt the LCD screen due to excessive current. He is currently residing in Thailand and been testing and competing for HPI Hot Bodies. the lastest touring kit under testing and proven was the Cyclone TCx.
TCx? take a good look :)

The Crabsteer-Dori (TC-D)

Since the announcement of TC-D release back in quarter 4 2009, many of us were observing the potential of the kit. At that time, I still preferred an Alex Racing CER DO8 due to the original front mount chassis ideas and my fav team D-Like are driving it. ordered it 3 times and waited too long, i decided on my second options, TC-D. It was proven to be better in terms of standard kit given, quality and setup potential. I'll share my review later. Stay tuned!

I found few interesting info on HPI TC-D, the below credit goes to Waruiko Works of Chance Circuit.

This is a Silver edition of TC-D lower and upper deck, niceness!

RC ART will released the TC-D conversion kit prototype soon.
Malaysia availabilities? keep dreaming. :)
Noticed the new Motor Mount?

The lower deck design seems to focus on more tuning option for chassis flex for better traction tuning. Looks awesome!

Notice the 2 version available? Now i knew TC-D had at least 4 varieties in less than a year!

Obviously the front was meant for hard setup. Totally makes sense if refering to our current CS setup. :)

Wanna know more? Hold your horses... so many things to share.