Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Crabsteer-Dori (TC-D)

Since the announcement of TC-D release back in quarter 4 2009, many of us were observing the potential of the kit. At that time, I still preferred an Alex Racing CER DO8 due to the original front mount chassis ideas and my fav team D-Like are driving it. ordered it 3 times and waited too long, i decided on my second options, TC-D. It was proven to be better in terms of standard kit given, quality and setup potential. I'll share my review later. Stay tuned!

I found few interesting info on HPI TC-D, the below credit goes to Waruiko Works of Chance Circuit.

This is a Silver edition of TC-D lower and upper deck, niceness!

RC ART will released the TC-D conversion kit prototype soon.
Malaysia availabilities? keep dreaming. :)
Noticed the new Motor Mount?

The lower deck design seems to focus on more tuning option for chassis flex for better traction tuning. Looks awesome!

Notice the 2 version available? Now i knew TC-D had at least 4 varieties in less than a year!

Obviously the front was meant for hard setup. Totally makes sense if refering to our current CS setup. :)

Wanna know more? Hold your horses... so many things to share.

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