Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Automix RC Drift July 2010

After the recent Automix event, which placed me 7th, i need to seriously clean every thing up. Started the process but did not managed to finish it till now...

Too bad Mr. Kumakubo and Suenaga from Team Orange cancelled their Drift Clinic for the 1:1 drifters. I only had few pics on the Autoshow participants. There was a Zonda which i never came across with before.Enjoy!

Noticed the white cement to patch that rough tarmac? it had messed up my car and parts as it was raining during the competition day. Everybody was not that happy with it... The organizer promised to have a better surface on the next event :)

My car is the Black Cefiro. :)

Me and Wong... his first competition.

7th place only... try next time. :)

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