Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old wrist watch: Saving Casio Pro Trek

I had this wrist watch during my college time, more than 10 years ago... Since it is solar powered, the battery lasted almost forever. Obviously i'm still living under the sun Hahaha... Recently, the aging buckled deteriorate and snapped. No replacement parts for the strap :( 
Being an RC Drift enthusiast, i just put it together with some carbon bits and some screws.  I'm wearing it again! :)

Why not buying new one? Hehehe... I like certain things, and only those things. If i cant afford it, i dont buy something lesser. Live with it and work for it. Eventually with god wills, i will earn it. I agreed with the phrase "Poor men buy twice..." :)

Love these two. Insya Allah if it will last another 10 years why not. :)

P/S: Dear wife, what month is after February, CiPoPo? 

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