Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was bored. Last Wednesday I tried to do a lot of things and smile. Play with different CS ratios up to 2.67, tried different tires, ESC profiles, Use back my Keyence Luxon KG 8.5T, experimenting with rear wheel drive.    Learnt a lot when you do random & stupid things... I think i got some ideas on it.


  1. Will change my driving style to compete in events
  2. Lesser setup changes, 
  3. Stick to LRP ESC, 
  4. Utilise and change my Keyence 8.5T motor rotor & buy one more Keyence XXX t motor 
  5. Will not help anyone to buy online items anymore.
  6. Updating "About Me" and all my details in D1-10rc and removing certain info

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