Monday, April 23, 2012


Sad to know that the forum had been closed. I feel guilty for it as I was not active in it... So as other seniors of RC Drifting in Malaysia. I dont like it as much as the ol time. Sometimes people just updating craps!

Some tenured Drifters went to try another RC scales, some competing internationally, some had improved a lot and some still the same. Some quits. Well... I am here to stay, drifting when I can and i'm learning a lot! Recently change my driving style and it works! I'm happy with RC Drifting and I dont care about others.

Funny things in 2012:

  • RC Drift champions UNDERSTEER a lot in recent event! - Oh car got problem (not CS too low :P)
  • RC Drift champion use SMALLEST bodyshell hopefully to win easier? - and still lose
  • RC Drift champion always pull DIRTY TRICKS DRIVING tricks to win? - and still everyone saw!
  • Some BEGINNERS actually drive better than the "pro" out there
  • People started to believe in Hobbywing and Maxpower batteries. Last time, no one, no shops supported us. :P

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