Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leo Zainal had been put to sleep on 8th March 2011

In memories my dear Leo... :(

I'm in true sadness. My wife cried few times earlier today.
We have decided to put Leo Zainal to deep sleep due to his illness. He had caught a fungal effections called "Spora" and it is contagious to other cat and human if in serious phase.

Since last month or so, my cat Leo started to catch flu. We bring to vets at TTDI Jaya and we were told it is common flu. After 1 week +, the flu didn't stop and his nose were swollen. we were givenfew medications. after the 2-3 weeks, Leo was in the same state. We went again and were to told to give medications and isolate him from the others. today, early in the morning my wife asked me to try the Jabatan Veterinar Selangor at Seksyen 15. When we mention that Leo is under spora medications, they advised us to put him to sleep as nothing can be done. We were dissapointed hearing that. We went to the vets at Seksyen 13 and were advised the same. They gave options but with great risk. I'm thinking about my wife, my future child & my other 2 cats (Leona & Miss Kuyu). We decided to let him go...
Leo had been given to me by a friend. He was a normal breed but he was so special to my family. We had completed his vaccine program and expected him to be healthty and happy. Who knows this can happen. He is the our house attractions. No one forgets him.

He will always always in our heart as the fattest, smartest and cleanest cat ever.

We love you Leo Zainal.... We do

Rest In Peace...


Anonymous said...

kesian leo.. nasib sy baik sbb penah jumpe kucing ni mase pg rumah abg azwan.. bersabar la je ye.. ilyas.

Anonymous said...

selalu singgah rumah sebab nak men dgn leo..;(