Sunday, September 4, 2011

How do you like this layout for Maxpower Racing Circuit (MRC)?

We were busy by MRC track build. We used black epoxy and opened it for few friends (half completed). The epoxy surface was nice but become gripper by the harsh hard DS Racing (F1)tyres. The cost for it was almost rm800 just for the big track. The issue was when the surface was removed by drifters little by little (drift marks). There were dust everywhere. The other reason was few NEW drift track used the same epoxy for their tracks. We always want to be different. After a short meeting, we are going for polished cement! this track is not competing with other respectable track, we are here just to have fun. Daily track fee can be as low as rm2.50 per day + unlimited mineral water. We are not making money, just to maintain the track and have fun! Near event booked should be DS Racing tires in October.

Layout criteria?
-We want to make it simple and free layouts.
-Wall brushing is the main fun factor, we will still want to put few "GAY" clippings.
-Free car park.
-Minimal dividers.
-Suitable track scales, not too wide, not too narrow. Will measure most of evrything.

Meihan seems to be exiting, STILL PROPOSING to the boss... :)


Inspired by these gentlements...

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