Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Custom parts!: Brand new 10T pulleys from DFD

D*F*D or Dumb Founded Drifting parts is a small company who produced drift specific parts for drifters who wish to use custom parts for their chassis. We started any products with intensive Planning, Engineering drawing, Testing and Marketing. These are not mass produce, very limited quantity, highest quality assurance and we only take pre orders.  Normal turnaround time 7 days. Inner shaft diameter 4mm. 2 secure screws for long lasting use! 
Price: RM115/piece. Call me at 0163310258 for orders. Dealers are welcome.

Units sold and delivered 10. Units on queue 15 (another week to be delivered)


mohdjiman said...

anything for aluminium front/rear pulley for MST/spice chasis?

Azwan @ crabsteer said...

As long as the shaft is 4mm you can use. be sure you have shorter belt for it or use tensioners. Our aim is to make the front as slow as possible. currently u can use 42T Kawada or Losi with 12T for a ratio of 3.5. the problem will be there might no room for 42T (diameter too big). The solution is reduce the centre pulley. D-Like shaft option part is 40T/10T to be use at the front. It is not new to have front ratio of 4 at the front. Our problem before was there is no 10T in the market! Now we have. :) the price is a tad high but trust me the cost is very high for us. More than buying existing normal pulley. This is only limited items. Normal machine shop dont want to make it for us! "Leceh punya kerja" SMS me bro. :)