Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drift Tengoku Magazine featuring RC

I'd say Work VS-KF Meister rocks!

Translation from http://blog.livedoor.jp/jdm_doriten/

Simulation exterior

Representative page of RC has taken in the corner of the editorial Pashari on your mobile phone to your machine with the help of a set away from the eyes What you can wheel the next delusion often the VS-KF Meister, the rear to the front I wear specifications 15 inches around then this is such not truly wheel for RC car recently is real just likeperfect delusion and, BNR32 body of Tamiya dimension so accurate it makes itself my car just painted red ne ~ convenient exterior normal at a time like this I wish I heard what I already Out of this body, a spare

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Adam smith said...

i love VS-KF Meister , and i am looking for this car as rc bil, i love this car and i am sure that i will find it out soon.