Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yokomo S13 street version body

This is my simplest, yet longest bodyshell  to be ready. Just a street version, no big wings just plain street car image i would do if i own a S13. :) 
I'm competing in this month Yokomo International Drift Meet: Mr. Bagi Special Round in Malaysia. Excited to meet Bagi and the current YIDM World Champion Takahiro Kawakami. 
My team Gaijin Brothers will be there with purple S13, Onevia and 180sx. Apart from individual category, We also competing in the team tandem category, lack of practice together worries us a bit but we'll keep the fun parts ahead of everything. Here are some photos taken today. Sorry for the image quality, just an old iPhone 4s 😄

Thank you for viewing

fB: Kaleelasari Mohd Azwan

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