Sunday, January 22, 2012

D-like Re-R setup updates, inspired by the best angle of Saito Daigo Hey Man tuning


After the initial setup, I keep on improving the ackerman angle. Here are the macro view of it. This time the outer had a bit more angle. I dont need zero ackerman, i need closer to zero ackerman while having my static toe out at 0 to 2 depending on tracks. My target acheived for now. Keep in mind that my absorbers are at the inner most position on the lower arms. My inspirations on Saito Daigo setup...

As I learned that his ackerman were set according to horse power of his car... Interesting. :)

That is why i try to replicate the knuckle and ackerman resulting shorter knuckle position and moved outwards.

Static Toe intended were straight to out, I'm currently at Pro Ackerman setup.

Did I mentioned initially Re-R had understeered? Well like this. I'm using Overdose DRB C-Hub and standard DRB knuckles. What happened was, i realised my 44mm Overdose UJ became shortened!
I set all the camber to 0. Use setup station thin wheels and read the track width. It was 199mm Front and 196mm Rear! 3mm wider at the front and it will definitely understeer! It was not my battery locations, Soft hard absorbers etc. It was the WIDER front! Damned!


The solution were I used the inner position by carefully drilled 1.5mm through the front lower arm. Overdose Hub can secure the pin with centre screw. No issue. :) The front width now is 98.5mm! and my UJ sit in the middle of the Alex Racing One-Way unit. Yeah, i bought it recently  :)
Having said that, the 6 offset wheel were scraping the lower arm while turning. I had to use 2 mm spacer to clear. I will either reinforce & cut the outer arm or use 8mm Offset rims.
To balance it out I use 0.5shim to make it balance front and rear. :)

Question: Did you notice when you add camber to your car, it will actually widen the contact surface? :)


Question: Do you think servo horn will impact your steering work? I think servo saver do impacts our driving....after soooo long I just knew... :P

I wonder what my baby think of me spending lots of time for cars...... I love you too Kaleelasari... :)


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