Monday, January 16, 2012

My Re-R initial setup

My Re-R just finished initial setup since bought in Dec. :)
In my opinion, Initial setup means:

1) The car is neutral in weight and fully balance.
2) Off throttle handling should be slightly oversteer.
3) On throttle handling should be smooth.
4) CS Ratio had been finalised for 2 surface.
5) Final ratio is were set according to the motor at the higest EPA.
6) Damping and springs setup ideas for 2 surface.
7) Able to chase your fastest friend's racing line or take them over. :)
8) Able to carry less equipments & spareparts to tracks as no major changes needed anymore (no shock pumps,oils, no spare pulleys,belts etc)
9) More drift time than bench time (sitting and setting & sitting again) :)
10) If I start to think on next bodyshells!

Only today i can say Re-R is a great chassis. Nothing else to hop-up anymore :)

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