Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Drift Chassis: Yokomo DIB Drift Package

This is the most value for money, better balance, simpler belts layout from Yokomo so far.
The bulkheads need upgrades but i think this would be a good buy and should be good straight from the box. I'm not reseller or gaining anything from this just wanna share my personal thoughts.
DRB aku kurang minat, tapi DIB nampak Boleh Tahan. No comment tentang performance, durability, harga parts etc sebab aku tak pernah try :) - Azwan

Yokomo words:
NEW Drift Machine from Yokomo.

Using inline layout (by putting weight on middle of chassis) will create superb handling and balance. By using narrower SSG main chassis and resin bulkhead, it will create smooth yet perfect traction for side way drift action. It can be used with short size Li-Po battery and front / rear balance can be adjusted offering you many range of setting. Check out steering angle for perfect drifting and perfect match with FCD pulley.

* Inline layout design
* 2 belt drive for perfect drift control
* Front Midship Motor layout
* Full Counter Drift
* Steering Angle, 45deg
* Front One Way & Rear Solid Axle
* SSG Double Deck Chassis
* SSG F&R Damper Stay
* High precision Aluminium Motor Mount
* Low Friction Universal Shaft (F&R)
* Aluminium Oil Suspension
* Full Ball Bearing

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