Monday, February 6, 2012

D-like Re-R setup

My current setup:
D-Like Re-R
Maxpower Lipo Battery (front battery position)
Keyence Luxon KG 8.5T motor
Old Savox servo High Speed & Torque
RC ART 5004 tires
Topline/Mikuni Rims 6 Offset
Camber F: -6 R: -1
Toe F:0 R:2 or 3 depends
F:600 with shim 50% rebound(sometimes zero rebound)
R:300 no shim 50% rebound
Spring: F: Spice medium R: Spice Soft
Dive/Anti Dive: None
Squat/Anti Squat: Pro Squat 4mm :)
Caster: Overdose 6.8 grinded :)
Knuckles: D-Max grinded *recently changed.
F:D-like 40T
FC:Square 13T
R: D-like 32T
RC: D-like 20T
CS Ratio: 1.92
Rollout: +/-1 (no more calculating Final Drive)
Spur: 96T 48p
Pinion: 22T 48p

Shaved yokomo sd bumper:)
Keyence Luxon KG, best motor so far... Less magnet clicking = Smooth driving
This is the most effective angle so far.
This is the way I check my ackerman :)

So boring now... What else to do?????

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