Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Drift Chassis: Yokomo DIB Drift Package

This is the most value for money, better balance, simpler belts layout from Yokomo so far.
The bulkheads need upgrades but i think this would be a good buy and should be good straight from the box. I'm not reseller or gaining anything from this just wanna share my personal thoughts.
DRB aku kurang minat, tapi DIB nampak Boleh Tahan. No comment tentang performance, durability, harga parts etc sebab aku tak pernah try :) - Azwan

Yokomo words:
NEW Drift Machine from Yokomo.

Using inline layout (by putting weight on middle of chassis) will create superb handling and balance. By using narrower SSG main chassis and resin bulkhead, it will create smooth yet perfect traction for side way drift action. It can be used with short size Li-Po battery and front / rear balance can be adjusted offering you many range of setting. Check out steering angle for perfect drifting and perfect match with FCD pulley.

* Inline layout design
* 2 belt drive for perfect drift control
* Front Midship Motor layout
* Full Counter Drift
* Steering Angle, 45deg
* Front One Way & Rear Solid Axle
* SSG Double Deck Chassis
* SSG F&R Damper Stay
* High precision Aluminium Motor Mount
* Low Friction Universal Shaft (F&R)
* Aluminium Oil Suspension
* Full Ball Bearing

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My S13 drift missiles with Rats style works...

During my trip to Ebisu, I was offered this S13 by an old man, Mr. Keisuke.
He dont drive the car anymore after a crash somewhere in the mountain road.
He said "Take it Azwan San... Make it feel the road again.."
I was exicted. Tried to start it, failed...Of course... :) (what was the writer thinking..)
Rebuilt the engine, washed it a bit, hammered the front collissions and rust.
Lucky the alluminium Blitz intercooler was still ok. Missing the real bumper. Contacted D-Max for a FRP type. Left it bare FRP colour. Swapped the old rims with my spares. Everything seems to be right.. going uphills tonight!

Hahaha. Just my imaginations...

All these below are real...












Monday, February 6, 2012

D-like Re-R setup

My current setup:
D-Like Re-R
Maxpower Lipo Battery (front battery position)
Keyence Luxon KG 8.5T motor
Old Savox servo High Speed & Torque
RC ART 5004 tires
Topline/Mikuni Rims 6 Offset
Camber F: -6 R: -1
Toe F:0 R:2 or 3 depends
F:600 with shim 50% rebound(sometimes zero rebound)
R:300 no shim 50% rebound
Spring: F: Spice medium R: Spice Soft
Dive/Anti Dive: None
Squat/Anti Squat: Pro Squat 4mm :)
Caster: Overdose 6.8 grinded :)
Knuckles: D-Max grinded *recently changed.
F:D-like 40T
FC:Square 13T
R: D-like 32T
RC: D-like 20T
CS Ratio: 1.92
Rollout: +/-1 (no more calculating Final Drive)
Spur: 96T 48p
Pinion: 22T 48p

Shaved yokomo sd bumper:)
Keyence Luxon KG, best motor so far... Less magnet clicking = Smooth driving
This is the most effective angle so far.
This is the way I check my ackerman :)

So boring now... What else to do?????

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Cefiro A31 from Speed Way Pal!

I'm not a bodyshell guy. I admit it. I'm more to a chassis & setup guy. I'm happy with my current D-Like Re-R setup and waiting to battle! What else to do? Bodyshell!!! Here are my long keep Cefiro A31 from Speed Way Pal. I had it for 1 year plus, keeping it for the "Next chassis". Well the next had become "Now" and here it goes!

Drift Missiles: Pearl White S13

Since everyone useback their missiles, I'm doing piece by piece rotten look start with Radiator/ Condenser, Intercooler. Next will be the rotten chassis, Intercooler piping etc. This will take time...I got this bodyshell from Zamarul. Still keep it as i value friendship and gifts. :)

and there is more!

More FR Motor mods, this is Street Jam

The tires are actually the blue poly pipe?

Say NO to RC Piracy!

I HATE PIRATED COMPANY. Overdose had worked hard and some stupid machine shop company released the copy. They dont have brain to design own product?

DON'T buy immitations!

TAMIYA TA05 ver.II GOLD new released.

Russian Drifter: Felix in Japan. The full version.

One of every drifters dreams is to go to Japan & visited the legendary Ebisu track. Non Japanese drifter might want to participate in Drift Matsuri or G1GP (Gaijin=Outsiders). To watch him arrived, puchased, compete, won, celebrate & go back home to Russia is an interesting journey for me. I have watched the short version, this is the FULL story.

P/s: Saw Alexi Noriyaro's announcing the Top 16 qualifiers? Well maybe that is his role being drift enthusiast & translator. :)