Monday, April 11, 2011

The Fijon FDC 2 story: Day 1

Just got the new Fijon FDC Version 2. As I posted before selling at rm980 for the first 20 units. If i'm not mistaken, the as of now, 23 unit booked, will pass to the first paid and collect basis. Will arrive today and expecting to pass to drifters latest by this Wednesday due to custom clearance. As USUAL, I will give the best supports possible, let me start with sharing about the version 2.

As you can see the stock factory angle was not in the best form. Too much angle is not good for the handling but this is too less. As usual, we need to grind the knuckle stopper and select the most angle position as desired. As per my learning and testing. Parallel ackerman is not necessarily the best for high speed drifting. The faster you are the more ackerman you need. I find the outer tire need to be maximum angle possible and the inner tire is about 2-3 degree lesser. By looking at first glance it might be seems parallel but with measuring, the outer need to have a bit more... high speed feint and slowspeed change of direction should be easier. :)

After observing the stock angle, I noticed the right things as above. At least we can forget about the shock lenght for now...

When I received the chassis, I understand some other friend install it for Kuchai (owner). His overall installation was ok except few important things. The above shown the front top deck was installed to the wrong side. The clearance should be to the right side. Please take note. We need those belt to be smooth and durable. :)

The bearing holders were installed touching the bulkheads. No no no! We need a smooth drivetrain for many reasons. The above shown the first chassis mods. I measured and create the new steering position for the best ackerman setup for this chassis.

I also added 3mm spacer under the steering position. The clearnce at the arrow should be just nice! Be mindful of the belt clearance at all time, additional cutting may be required. The end result today, almost the maximum angle without changing parts! I'm too sleepy to continue. Kindly wait for my second updates. Cheers! Questions: How frequent do I change UJ? Answer: I drift about 5 days week and will not stop until very late for the day, my front UJ lasted about average 1.5-2 months. Rear UJ might be 2 - 3 months. The fastest change was about 3 weeks when my car angle is more than the UJ. Now my UJ angle is more than the TC-D angle, It lasted longer. Dont use China low quality UJ for the clones. It is not worth it. :)

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