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Race Report: RC Central Zone Rccz April Cool

Race Report: RC Central Zone Rccz April Cool Drift Competition

Venue: RCCZ, Glenmarie Shah Alam Date: 9th April 2011 Judge: Black

Event coordinator: Haidi, Sam, Achom, Black

Yesterday was a blast! 25 drifters were there to compete against their friends. The event started at 4pm and ended at about 11pm. Black had stressed again on the racing lines for both qualifying and tsuiso battle. A good lines were given for us to follow. I personally like and agree with the layout, lines and judging. have you watched a movie"I am number 4"? Well I was in the movie yesterday. Yes, i didn't won. 4th place is killing me. The feeling are even worst than best 8. Too near to the podium finish, it was my own fault. You can see few videos. I appologies not to be able to post all the pictures and videos as my broadband quota is almost fully utilised. (broadband sponsors are welcome). Overall the event were ok. The Bihun with the sosej were ok. The prizes were ok. Even the weather were ok. :)

I'm glad with my Max Power friends acheivements. I have told that the battery are CONSISTENT. Thank you for your supports towards MaxPower!

In Malaysia, we had mixes of Drift Chassis, we use various chassis according to our own preference. It colours our RC drift scene!

Hot Bodies TC-D, crabsteer SPL!: Max Power Driver
Square fully loaded, Abg Zai: Max Power friends
Yokomo DRB, Alai: Max Power Driver

Tamiya VDF - Mat Zek: Max Power Friends

CER-X - Memen - haven't tried Max Power?

CER-X - Kandar - haven't tried Max Power?

Tamiya VDF Gold Editions- Roelen: Max Power Friends

Hey, my RUSTED S13 won the Best Body Shell of the day!

The trophy is bigger than 4th Place. :)

Max Power friends acheivements.

Come and join us at RCC everyday till "very late"

I appreciate the events coordinator efforts!
Alai Max Power - Champion for the day.
Stephen Max Power - placed 2nd for the day

Achom - 3rd place Azwan@crabsteer - I am number 4

Low Bracket Champion - Mat Zek
Alex BoBo - 2nd Place (pic blur, sorry man)

Epoi - 3rd place

4th Place

Look at the size! Abg Zai top qualifier
Best body shell :) Sam said everyone can buy and put all the stickers. I won because I put an efforts to do the carbon look and was different from others. All parts were there (buckets, wiper, mirrors, disc brakes) etc :)
Asri won the rm20 lucky draw
Roelen also rm20 richer
Jem won rm20 but decided to put a serious face..
Kandar also rm20 richer and wearing high heels
Poi again cari makan rm20...
My first Fijon project received yesterday.

I'm doing Kuchai's one. Order yours today, stocks in 2 days.
Mat Zek and Bobo decide to settle it outside...
Some of the MOD drifters friends..
Kandar and Adie Max Power CER-X

Pecker, Wik, Faizal, Sunthar
Wan & his boy Haziq - Thank you for supporting MaxPower since the beginning...
Bobo with his cromies...
Aza "Whats with the hand?" - "I meant drifttttt"
Alai with his s13
Mat Zek and his son Boy
Pecker, i told you i got your picture already..
Tengkiu Ezan with his DRB.
Abg Zai just trimmed the moustache

for the race. Roelen with his gold VDF
Me and Alex Bobo weapon of choice...
Max Power friends!

Together we are strong and buncit!

I'll update the race charts and few videos, check it out next time!


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