Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fijon fdc 2 story- Kuchai's - Updates

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As I sms and informed those who asked, some irresponsible SHOP selling at rm850 by TAKING OUT FEW IMPORTANT PARTS SUCH AS THE UPPER BULKHEADS AND ALL THE ALLOY TOE BLOCKS. These alloy were replaced with plactics.


Kuchai need to replace it with the alloy one again. Spent more than what he should in the end. The part is not cheap as well. So if you choose to buy Fijon version 2, we will give all in the package, Unopen plastics. All complete and you should think on how to improve it.

NO chassis is perfect, ALL depends on the driver with the correct setup.

Important upgrades are:

TRF absorbers (touring type) about rm220 and
Front UJs prefer Square Ver2 44mm retailed at rm169 or Tamiya originals 44mm.

I made the angle too much (best) but the Fijon UJs cannot stand the abuse. 1 day dah kaput. That is why Tengku Djan use Nismo parts for his Nissan and not cheap HANJING parts.
Not all China product is cheap, some is value for our money, 2 different things. Fijon is Value for money. Having said that the front UJ and the absorber is a must to perform and to be consistent.

The rear can whack the Fijon UJs first and can use Tamiya, 3 Racing, etc for the rear. No need to spend more as we dont need a high angle Ujs for the rear.

Included in the originals real FIJON package, Alloys bulkheads and Toeblocks. Very important.

TRF dampers. So easy to assembled and tune. Very consistent damping.

First order had been posted, passed and few reserved. Thank you.

The end of Kuchai's Fijon story. Stay tuned for EE DoriYAa Fijon V2 "Blasted Crab" Edition! via my blog

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