Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super Junior are coming to Malaysia in May 2011?

K-POP! It started when my wife asked me to buy her first SUJU concert last year (2010). 
We went there and I was impressed with the show.
Why? The Korean stage were full of lightings, lazers, neon, videos, and due to the group members were like a .... lots, they took turn to perform.
Their show was non stop and I saw females getting NZT - like energy (watch LIMITLESS movie please) till the end. The queue was like from Shah Alam to Subang long and the SUJU fans were like from Indonesian, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia.
We missed Super Show3 last March, but there were rumours saying that SUJU is coming again in May 2011. It was said to relate to Hari Belia, 1 Million youth gathering etc. The information I got from a blogger, Nabila Beelie, it is on 28th may, 8.30pm in front of Istana Kehakiman.
When I learn to edit my RC Videos, I included few K-Pop songs such as SNSD, Big Bang. It is easy but the size of such videos were extremely large and my broadband quota were used up too much. The previous editting were complicated to do and I got lazy.
Recently I posted few competition videos from RCCZ without to much contents. Even with no backgroud music. It was simpler, easier and I got excited to post a few.
Why I posted this?
It was funny when Malaysian RC Videos uses Korean music and Korean/Japanese post, they used hardcore, English Rock / Metal musics. Even Orido crazy about Harley Davidson, when most of us here really wanted a Japanese superbike and cars.

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