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RACE REPORT: Speed City R/C Drift Challenge 2011

RACE REPORT: Speed City R/C Drift Challenge 2011

Date: 26-27 March


The track layout and rough surfaces. Need to adjust car setup and beef up the responses from the car. I tried my normal car setup with shock oil F900 R300 it was too hard, even tried using no shock oils!- for the sake of trying... and went for qualifications. As always the combo of wrong traction setup + mad driving will not score the day.

Went back early to sleep and setup the car as plan. I ended using 300 all up and improve the overal weight transfer of my TC-D. It was an instant win. I was satisfied with the the second day setup and will be happy no matter what will be the result. :)

Photobucket The participants on the race day. I love the Cefiro A31 body, it will not be used as my daily.

I am doing another S13 just for the sake of daily use and wall scraping. :)

I hate Haidi and Azhar Hobby haven for the tyres marking with the red and yellow colour! to make it worst, they insist on the OUTSIDE marking! ARGH!!! Hate you both! :) Photobucket Handsome drifters... I wish Haidi, Azhar, Rulwan and Black take pictures with us as well.

If Jane is the lady 1:1 drifter, there is only one lady drifter Miss Memen in the 1:10 scene. Photobucket The judge, Mr. Black & Mr Rulwan Photobucket The important couples that make it happen, Azharina and Haidiana! Thank you guys & Hobby Haven for orgnizing such a good event. We want more!

I told Haidi that the trophy colour (gold & blue) was funny. He said it was just to be different.

Notice the hampers? It was a good additional prize changes. We notice the organizer efforts! Photobucket

I have nothing to say about this pic except for the rims markings. I wont say it again... Photobucket

Me & Ryan Tuerck of Drift Alliance USA :) Im using my wife red power balance. Photobucket Congratulation to the winners. Alai (MAX POWER driver) placed 3rd place.

I wish to see more meat than bones. The meat must be at the right place as well. Photobucket Thank you to Max Power sponsors - Me and Alai.

Not to forget to Max Power subsidized friends, Abg Zai, Mat Zek and many more.

Thank you for your trust and supports! Photobucket Wik (adik Abg Zai) cannot make it due to his health issue on the race day. Mat Zek finished best 16 wei!!! Photobucket

The end results, again I only managed to get BEST 8


Some of the cars captured by my camera. Photobucket Photobucket Mervyn and Jane... Photobucket Spent some time to look at the Prince of Drift car....


Can you spot these from Tengku Djan car?

  • The clever aero mods

  • Carbon fibre rear screen replacement

  • The possible best drifter on Malaysia's events

  • Go Pro HD cams - in my wish list :)

  • Super Coppermix cluches - in my wish list :)

  • My new favorites 1:1 drift track and layout efforts

  • Those Brembo!

  • The 700KG per meter brick barriers!

Thank you for reading... :)

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Very nice and good news, tahniah azwan, anyway u have sense of humor hik hik hik, keep it up, i like.. terutama part yg tayar kena warna tu he he he he.. sorry tak dapat joined, mata aku tak settel lagi, salam tangan dengan org pun tak berapa betul lagi, ini kan pulak nak drift he he, kang jadi helikopter pulak keta aku :P