Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chassis Decks continues

My personal favorite variations few months ago, never shared it before :)
I had mod my TC-D chassis just to balance it up. Trust me it was not as balance in standard trim. The flex is better but it is not exiting to see. I spent lots of my time searching and studying on chassis, suspension etc. Here are among my collections. I'll share with you my chassis mods later.

These are very rare and almost never heard of. Some say it was meant for major TC-D productions but halted due to the change of HB directions. There are rumours saying that the whole Hot Bodies technical department revamped and even Yodo quits. Yodo did Overdose with tuning company WELD. Who knows... :)

Today i found this from Sobaya blog.This is not the first time i saw the combination of OTA and TC-D design. Maybe it was among Sobaya's friend blog..

earlier last week, I got this from KN blog. He is ann extremist. Maybe he is actually she as after the post there is the same girl posing... Is this a girl craft?

I'm resting today, looking forward to post another page. Subscribe me for my motivations! Thank you for reading!


Azwan@crabsteer TC-D enthusiast, Malaysia.

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