Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keiichi is no longer associated with D1

Taken from 7tune:

On his blog today, Keiichi Tsuchiya left an impassioned personal message for the fans of drift and also, one for the drivers of D1. 7tune, as always, is on hand to translate for all the world to see and understand…

Concerning the future.

“Dai chan and I are making an event for everyone who loves drift. We are now negotiating the details with Hot Version and not just for an event that is the best of its kind, but with an aim to build one from the ground up. This is a very different view from before and we are now currently discussing what content to include.”

“We can’t do this by ourselves and again I want to ask for your help, with the same spirit and objectives as before. I’d like to create these values together with people who are passionate about drift. Please expect us to power up through Hot Version.”

“As for other matters, I will continue to keep doing interviews, among other things, and I will put all my best efforts into these projects without letting up.”

“As sad as it is for me to say this, I will no longer be associated with Option Video, D1SL or Doriten as these titles are directly related to the D1 banner of which I am no longer a part.”

To the D1 Drivers.

“In these past 10 years you guys have grown magnificently and have never given up despite the many problems you faced. You gave us all your best efforts and I want to thank you for them. We are going a different way now but I ask you to believe in and be true to yourselves and your ways. I want you all to know that, together with Hot Version, we intend to create and nurture an event to be as big as D1.

“I don’t want to lose any of you and it’s a little persistent, but make sure to take care of your fans and your friends!!”

Keiichi Tsuchiya

***This message was translated by professional Bilingual Japanese staff and is 7tune’s unofficial personal translation.***

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