Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Drift & My Cats

Back in 2009, i got this "Damansaran" (Not Persian etc) cat. hehehe.
I named it LEO ZAINAL. That name sticks and i dont know anyone name Zainal around me. :)

He had been my good company and has been well cared. :)

He dont need chair...

He thinks & eat a lot...

Few months ago, i pity a tiny kitten found at HPC/RCC track. Now he is a hero. We called him Leona, thought he was a she. Fu*k it, the name sticks. :)

I saw another kitten playing around like no body business at Nawas Maju after our drift session at HPC/RCC. By looking at his KUYU eyes, i pity (again) it take her home. We called her Kuyu Lulu.

My wife said to me, dont bring back another Cat to our home or PITY me!:)

As you can see, all my Cats are RC Drift related as deserve a page here.



kOtak kAtik said...

caya la long,respek campur suspek la kat lu bro,berblog dah dia,ni long akak suggest awak register nuffnang,boleh tambah income,silap2 dapat ribu2 sebulan,awak bahagia akak bahagia sama huhu:) by the way,nice blog,rindu nk peluk LEO ngan Leona,ni 1st time akak tgk kuyu

Azwan @ crabsteer said...

Leo, Leona & Kuyu are waiting for you kak ngah.. :)