Friday, January 14, 2011


Fancy colour, regardless what people said about VDF, overall, i like it except for the steering angle. I like it to be more. But wait... what i noticed, during competitions people are using lesser angle.
Why? to win? to drive easier? to be consistent?
So VDF stock steering angle is right or wrong? :)


Anonymous said...

hi there may i ask where did you get the pink alloy parts for the vdf??? looks great!!!!

jayd said...

yeah i would love to know where you got the purple parts from?!?! thanks in advance :)

Azwan @ crabsteer said...

Bros.. it is not my car, what you can do is source any anodizing company who can do it for you. I think the above is either TN racing or RC926 anodizing. what you and I can do at home is deanodize to make it bare aluminium colour.